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for the homo sapiens

that there are many homo sapiens in this universe

of course I know and

we humans always remember

that is why we always are homo sapiens

being by principle wise

solve each problem continuously

that is why we know very well

what the effects of our doings

on the ... our future

and therefore know

that we never be zombies

of a tyranny ... of any individual

being a mass of delusion

that would be our end !

so I think .... I am

and I can be like that ...

because all homo sapiens

on our worlds

can also be

all just a matter of intelligence

of this foresight

for millions of years in advance

our individual independence

so to be free for real freedom

but here on this planet of zombies

I am sure they are all just addicted

who rush from one harm to the other

always looking > for more harm

because of all this harm

of course ... these > their world will end

and all these billions talk about their success !

from harming with your successful crowd !

so from this mass of carelessness destruction

who never remember > so no homo sapiens

since they are only a product of their mass

So the total alienation from themselves

incited from

a Satanic Delusion Broadcasting

therefore seeking only from this harm

a human could not heal them

because they are in this billion crowd

of deplorable slaves

united enslaved !

who harm themselves continuously

competitively distract each other

from this regrettable

harmful behavior

keeping themselves constantly down

harming endlessly

that is why they are still up at night

always with all these billions of lanterns on

to illuminate their settlements

having to race around

from one conversation to the next

 until they are falling asleep

in front of the television

so this delusion

from the big work avalanche

they all have to bury themselves

otherwise she would see the light


"we are slaves to ourselves"

so do not pamper yourself

from this stupor delusion sense

where is someone with his car

driving to the fitness center !

redeem ...

where is someone with the cigarette !

to drinking the rotten water !

to produce

so where is the mass of delusions

competing ?

about destruction

but these poor are mistaken

have to abolish constantly

to not notice

that they are not important at all

not allowed to notice anything real

only on her fata morgana

so on this glistening water in front

that is not there > that they can never reach

until the dead relieve them ... holding them tight

they only create damage!

every one of these billions

can only hurt

must hurt

so that is why it is a law

for all those years not any thing accomplished

only this unfortunate enslave state

it wanted > what he naturally did not want

for that he is too regrettable

therefore no human rights are guaranteed

but nobody can change that at all

who then ?

which unfortunate

would just listen to his regrettable insanity ?

which regrettable ?

would report about his regret ?

which regrettable ?

any body

which TV station ?

would turn off  ?
its diversion ....

which regrettable

would investigations start against ?

what unfortunate country ?

would want to change something ?

would you want to see ?

that all regrettable ?

himself too !

what a regrettable pharisee

and his all colleagues

would admit ?

that you are the problem ?

and not a Jesus Christ

which unfortunate infallible

would a giordano bruno ?

to praise ... a galileo ?

what a regrettable president

to condemn ?

and these ghosts chanting

to pose as heroes ?

how could anyone ?

a single one of these billions ?

to understand his regrettable existence ?

if there are billions of these regrettable !

no other task

how everyone tears into their marsh !

if all your selection

only his > regret

pushing everyone around the world ?

"everyone must be regrettable!"

"there must be no human dignity!"

these all addicts

not even able

to start a dialogue

so initiate a development !

but only all of them wrap up

that is why they all

so put under supervision

like a drug addict > himself

being a pity to everyone around

they all !

so entangled in her drug addiction

with her drug baron

and as logistically in this situation

in this mass not making possible

they have to be disposed of at one time

since those being a danger

to our whole universe

that they would destroy

so we let them do this

galactic foundation

these anti people

so help everyone

and harm everyone

so these masses are people's prey attitude

by not offering anything else

only drugs ...

So now a cigarette
then the philip moris will be happy

now a little beer
then you are friend of the beer brewer

now watch the vulture around radio

then you are at the best probaganda

of the universe

now rave about a red wine

then the winemaker will be happy

eat a pig now

then the mass animal owner can

sell more pig feeds

repair a TV now

then these glatiadors can play games

be considered

and these perfect enslavements

still a

liberal democratic basic order

call !

which kgb agent could keep up with that ?

because of course the climate tipping rights

the climate already cant !

or rave about the predators

So people's contempt

in perfection !

can there be a rescue?

with all these fata morgana

the last with power

this dilution

want to reach

have to

this capitalism

of this capital crime

this perfect slavery

this Republic

is a human rights state !

there are state probaganda financing rights!

state forcing labor rights !

pharma drugs> get sick rights !

  chimney sweep > a break in rights !

predator animal licensing rights !

dying agent selling rights !

dr mengel slauthering rights !

free rider rights !

climate tilting rights !

so guarantee all these worlds destruction rights

because this is not a fundamental right state> thus unconstitutional

So this program

so this

"liberal democratic basic order"

this federal office for constitutional elimination

so the end victory of the leader over all intelligent life

on this world

I do not just know

not a single other person

no people having worthy goals

so this could appreciate in principle

so how do I appreciate these ?

but I see over all only pests

like a wander swarm of locusts

they throw everything in their insustaning

destroy their own livelihoods

in their parasitic delusion

who want to achieve nothing ... can ... may

only people to death torment in their delusion of great happiness

because yes of a predator guarded pest

no one can want something

that is just too stupid


So what is the solution ?

of course to guarantee the basic rights

that there can be a sociable society

to shape a future in the situation

to do the probaganda

for a dignified world

not for this decadent one

world destuction

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galactic central information

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